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5 Women Artists
recommended by María Sánchez

1. Alba Muñoz is one of the essential journalists to follow in Spain. I love her way of writing, she has the gift to search and tell stories of those that at first glance are not seen or found. This article about reporters that do not go out is wonderful.

2. Lucía Baskaran - if it was up to me, I would make all girls and boys read her first novel, Partir. Lucia is an excellent narrator, committed, independent, sincere, feminist, not afraid to say what she thinks. I wish that she never stops writing.

3. Marta Claret - The first time I saw her work I felt a kind of pinch, a beautiful shiver full of light and stories to tell. Marta's works are small infinite universes where nature is the sister of the woman and the clay, in which the hands of the artist carve a unique world and life is always possible from the hand of pottery. Her instagram:

a sample of Marta Claret's work

4. Layla Martínez's poems are like small larvae that nest on the ground and make you want to scratch and rummage through the roots to get more. Because she writes in the margins where the light and the wild always happen, and Layla knows it like no one else. In addition, she carries the publishing house Antipersona, a fabulous nest where wonderful books are housed.

5. Inka Léontine - For years, her drawings have been a bit like a seed to write. I love what she does, sometimes I would like to be in her head and become one of her drawings.

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