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I Say a Color For Death a Color For Pain a Color and She Responds Blue
by María Sánchez

Ask here how to remove a stain and you will always encounter the same methodology. Here genetics and bleach. Here the etching and the disinfection because here all the stains are removed in the same way. No matter the surface or the flesh, here purity comes from rust and chemistry. Here purity sleeps in lime and broken knuckles, in knots stained with blood from so much rubbing. Yes: blood stains less mixed with bleach. Yes: the blood stops smelling if I am soaked in bleach. Yes: the blood forgets its color if dragged through bleach. Yes: it is easy to confuse water and death if I give them the same color. If I shout the same color to both. Yes, I say a color for death a color for pain a color and she responds blue.

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