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03 | 02.2017

Just Like a Woman or, Girls Are Like People Except They Don't Have Dicks
by Franny Choi

say it like
a woman (everything other
than single-stroke sky-scraper
sword-smiting quick-chop logic):

every maybe/never word i say
is true; & felt; real; violent;
honey slow burning
                                          — where's
the sentence in that? i am not
single-stroke 1 so i must be
zero / one-less / no-one —

no; there is nothing hollow about me.
we are not symbols, though we do
crash brass. all ways of sound & pulse
& woman. i'm a woman named always
kissing herself; rain on the ocean;
subject & object; rubbing my own
legs; making my own sentences;
like a woman; like dark chocolate
furnace; late-summer laughter;
hills searing the sky; fog;
amphetamine; pearls; night
holding the trees close; so please

don't let on that you knew me when
i was hungry and it was your world.

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