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03 | 02.2017


Comment | These poems tell stories. Stories of home, of living and of standing up for oneself in the world that we live in. Important stories. Important poems.

Poem 1 | Multiple
Poem 2 | Afterlife
Poem 3 | Home (Initial Findings)
Poem 4 | Just Like a Woman or, Girls Are Like People Except They Don't Have Dicks
Poem 5 | Real Talk

Further Reading | Some First Books of Poetry Coming Out in 2017 That Are / Are Going to Be Just Bananas as recommended by Franny Choi

Sources | Just Like a Woman and Real Talk are from the book Floating, Brilliant, Gone (Write Bloody Publishing, 2014). Afterlife was previously published in the Southern Indiana Review (Fall, 2015) and Home (Initial Findings) was previously published in Rattle (2015).

front cover of Floating, Brilliant, Gone

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