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04 | 03.2017

Title | ORIETTE D'ANGELO, as translated by Jeremy Spencer

Comment | These poems are "very corporeal, very political and also is full of tenderness." -Luna Miguel

Poem 1 | The Perseverance of Sulfur (English | Español)
Poem 2 | One Thing That Will Be (English | Español)
Poem 3 | Thirteen Years Old (English | Español)
Poem 4 | Leukemia (English | Español)

Further Reading | 5 Young Poets to Read as recommended by Oriette D'Angelo

Sources | Oriette D’Angelo (Caracas, 1990) is the founder and editor of the literary platform Digo.palabra.txt, columnist at la Revista Philos and author of the book Cardiopatías (MonteÁvila Editores, 2016; Premio para Obras de Autores Inéditos, 2014). She selected the writers and wrote the prologue for an anthology of young Venezuelan poets called Amanecimos sobre la palabra (Team Poetero Ediciones, 2017). Her poems have appeared in anthologies in Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico and Ecuador. Her personal website is found at She is currently studying to get her Master's degree in Digital Communications at DePaul University (Chicago).


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