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04 | 03.2017

5 Young Poets to Read
recommended by Oriette D'Angelo

1. Sara Herrera Peralta (1980) is a young poet from Spain who published an amazing book last year called Hombres que cantan nanas al amanecer y comen cebolla (La Bella Varsovia, 2016). Because of this book I started to search for her other poetry books and she is now one of my favorite poets. Her poetry is very personal and she addresses topics like feminism, family and social activism.

2. Diana Moncada (1989) is a poet from Venezuela. Her first book, Cuerpo crepuscular (Monte Ávila Editores, 2015) is about her relationship with her body and the place where she lives. I feel a strong affinity with her work because I think that she addresses this topic in a powerful way. She is also a brilliant journalist. Her journalistic work is very important for the cultural field in Venezuela.

3. Aleida Belem Salazar (1989). She is a Mexican poet who published her first book, Miedo cerval, in 2014 with the project 89plus and LUMA Foundation. Her poetry is very corporeal. I really like how she uses language to create strong images. She is also an extraordinary editor and has published wonderful books with her publishing company, Stillness & Blood.

4. Jairo Rojas Rojas (1980). He is from Venezuela and he's currently living in Uruguay. I think he is one of the strongest poets from my country. He has earned important awards and his poems are very experimental. All his books tell different stories and work with different elements to create something unique.

5. Pablo Romero (1999). He is a poet from Argentina. I read his poems for the first time in 2014 when I was working on an online literary magazine. I remember being completely shocked when I read him because I didn't believe how young he was. His poetry is so well written that he has the ability to capture emotions through his verses. His first book was published in 2015 by Stillness & Blood.

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