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04 | 03.2017

One Thing That Will Be
by Oriette D'Angelo, translated by Jeremy Spencer

My yard was dirt mixed with water
sand that erases names
a beach weekend with a pareo* and umbrella
a mermaid reef that today does not exist

A garden did not make me
I did not play hide and seek
I did not defoliate flowers
nor pursue my friends under a minefield of stars

I did not have a yard              /           I had a sea and sky
I had water and The Police singing on the radio

                                          Rescue me before I fall into despair

while the afternoon arrived
and it was time to wash clothes

my yard was a knock on the door
glass knots
an abyss in each palm of the hand
I yelled for help to find a ball and distract me
an excuse to return to the window
and look at the sea that spoke through the rage of its foam
that same feeling
the same as The Police sang
while the sea was a piece of salt covered with snow
while the sky joined in the distance by an umbilical cord made of suns
because my yard was infinite
although the game was between the sun and my pupils
between the tips of my fingers and the rocks
between imaginary beings covered in sugar
although the game has only been with me
although the game has only been
an echo of help
aiming down.

* The pareo is the Tahitian word for a wraparound skirt.

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