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01 | 12.2016

Title | LUNA MIGUEL, as translated by Luis Silva

Comment | These poems deal with the loss of loved ones and the grief that follows. These poems create space. The space created is a way to live while grieving is happening or maybe it is a way to grieve while living is happening.

Poem 1 | Definition of the Abdomen (English | Español)
Poem 2 | To Know How to Eat You Must Know How to Cook (English | Español)
Poem 3 | Chemotherapy in August (English | Español)
Poem 4 | III (English | Español)

Further Reading | 5 Young Hispanic Poets Who You Should Read as recommended by Luna Miguel

Sources | All poems presented here are from the book Stomachs by Luna Miguel, translated by Luis Silva (Scrambler Books, 2016). Originally published in Spain as Los estómagos (La Bella Varsovia, 2015).

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