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01 | 12.2016

5 Young Hispanic Poets Who You Should Read
recommended by Luna Miguel

1. Óscar García Sierra is one of my favorite young poets. He has just published his first book Houston, I am the Problem with a major Spanish publishing house. He is only 22 years old but his poetic work is already widely read and controversial. Óscar likes to say that he is shy, but I think that in his timid poetry an overwhelming force is hiding.

2. Xaime Martínez is another young Spanish poet that I like. He was born in 1993. His first book won an award but that doesn’t interest me. I like what he is writing now because it is much more interesting, much more fun, much more original. I trust Xaime very much. He is also a singer and sings very well. And he is a journalist that now works with me at PlayGround magazine and his articles on literature are very good.

3. Oriette D'Angelo is a Venezuelan poet born in 1990. She now lives in Chicago. She is the creator of Digo.palabra.txt, one of the best literary magazines in the Spanish language. In addition, she has just published a very important book in Venezuela, her poetry is very corporeal, very political and also is full of tenderness.

4. Maximiliano Andrade also was born in 1990. But he was born in Chile. He has several books of poetry and one of them is Bonzo, where the image and the word come together and intermingle and where the fire becomes more important that the poetry itself. Maximiliano is one of the most risky young poets in Chile.

5. And finally, Valeria Román Marroquín is a poet that I admire. She was born in Peru in 1999 and has just published her first book of poems, which I have not read yet in its entirety, but I sense will be wonderful. It will soon be published in Spain. For many readers in Latin America, she is the future. I am sure that her poetry is already a door to what the first generations of the 21st century will write.

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