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front cover for Licorice Candies Licorice Candies
Collected Short Stories & Poems—Book 2

by Cecilia Pavón
translated from the Spanish by Jacob Steinberg

Fiction & Poetry. Perfect bound paperback. 1st Edition ISBN: 978-0-578-17345-0 Price: $15.00 Cover art by William John Belknap, Jr.

Licorice Candies

This is the second book in a series of the complete works of Cecilia Pavón that Scrambler will publish over the next several years.

Licorice Candies collects short stories and poems written during the author’s most experimental and frenzied phase. The backdrop shifts from barren plazas in Buenos Aires to basement parties in Berlin. “I wished that, by continually moving horizontally, in a straight line, my body would touch Germany…that you could reach Berlin from Buenos Aires in a second without any planes; that all the coolest cities in the world were each a continuation of the next: Lima, Buenos Aires, Berlin.” The medium through which these desires manifest is the Internet. The Internet—a ubiquitous force that becomes the notebook for the author’s poetry: typo-ridden love letters; the grammarless confessions of a polyglot; a geography that bends to the author’s will, making everything closer, more intimate.

*Cecilia Pavón was born in Mendoza, Argentina, in 1973. She has lived in Buenos Aires since 1992. She holds a B.A. in Literature from the University of Buenos Aires. In 2012, she published her collected poetry in Un hotel con mi nombre (A Hotel With My Name). Her other publications include 27 poemas con nombres de persona (2010), the ebook Once Sur (2012), and the short-story collections Los sueños no tienen copyright (2010) and Pequeño recuento sobre mis faltas (2015).

*Jacob Steinberg was born in Stony Brook, New York, in 1989. He has published the full-length poetry collections Magulladón (2012) and Ante ti se arrodilla mi silencio (2013), published in a joint English edition by Scrambler as Before You Kneels My Silence in 2014. As a translator he has worked with Cecilia Pavón, CAConrad, and Mario Bellatin, among others. He currently lives in New York.

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