no body in particular by Giovanna Lomanto

by Giovanna Lomanto

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In her debut poetry collection, Giovanna Lomanto discovers, debunks, and later rediscovers conceptions of herself. this highly personal work encompasses an ideology of perspective, and her emphasis on thought and feeling throughout the book exemplifies suffering and satisfaction, trials and triumphs. She presents the poems as a dialogue between herself and the reader, instigating a conversation between words and their impact. Though many of the poems are inspired by events unique to her life, she invites her readers to share in a joint experience of emotion.

Giovanna Lomanto is a poet hailing from the expanses of Californian suburbia. When she’s not scrawling poetry into her journal, she’s often having long conversations on the phone with her friends and family, walking around bookstores and art museums, sipping hot cups of Earl Grey tea, making playlists for her favorite songs, and cracking cheesy jokes. Giovanna is currently pursuing her BA in English at the University of California, Berkeley.

Cover art by Oriette D’Angelo. Cover design inspired by Elena Medel and the covers from the great Spanish publisher La Bella Varsovia.

This book was originally published in paperback form by Scrambler Books in 2019. Poetry. Paperback edition ISBN: 978-1-7923-1036-2. You can also purchase a print copy of this book.