Gather Me by Daniel Bailey

by Daniel Bailey

Pay what you want for a digital PDF download of this book. You can get it for free or pay any amount you like. If you pay, then 100% of the money from this book’s downloads goes directly to Daniel. Daniel has decided to donate all money received to the Foodbank of Northeastern Georgia.   


This is Daniel Bailey’s third full-length collection of poetry and it contains multitudes. Whispers, prayers, chants, stories, invitations, valentines. These poems are wrapped in melody. These poems “drift between you and the idea of you.”

Daniel Bailey is also the author of HALLELUJAH, GIANT SPACE WOLF (Mammoth Editions, 2012) and THE DRUNK SONNETS (Magic Helicopter Press, 2009 & 2013). He lives in Georgia and is from Muncie, Indiana.

Cover design by Daniel Bailey.

This book was originally published in paperback form by Scrambler Books in 2013. Poetry. Paperback edition ISBN: 978-0-578-12350-9. You can also purchase a print paperback copy.