Glimpses front cover

Neila Mezynski

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ISBN: 978-0-578-08141-0
Dimensions: 5.8" wide x 8.3" tall
Binding: Perfect bound Paperback
Pages: 95
First Edition ©2011
Printed in the USA


*Read some of her work before you buy: Men in Bushes (from >kill author), Painter and Red Trees.

**One time dancer/choreographer turned abstract painter/writer, Bay Area writer Neila Mezynski writes with a sharp pen. Her fiction fits in all categories: micro-fiction, flash fiction or nano-fiction. Glimpses is a debut collection not to be missed.

“What I really enjoy about Mezynski’s piece in this issue is what I really enjoy about her latest bout of writing in general: there is a momentum, a movement that feels very unstoppable, like being uncorked from an ocean. For me, as a reader, it is something akin to opening a two-liter bottle and holding it exactly upright – the way that bottle will pull at your hand as it empties out, the glug and rush you will hear and see as it attempts to rid itself of contents quicker than you (or it) anticipated. This is what I love about Mezynski’s ‘Men In Bushes’, how it is that un-bottled rush, held upside down and gulping out.”

-J.A. Tyler on Men in Bushes (from >kill author)