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front cover for Before You Kneels My Silence Before You Kneels My Silence

by Jacob Steinberg

with a forward by Frank Hinton
and a photo series by Ben Rodkin
cover art by Amaya Bouquet
cover design by Jacob Steinberg

Poetry. 132 pages. 1st Edition
Perfect bound paperback. ©2014
ISBN: 978-0-578-14589-1
Price: $14 in USA | $25 International
All amounts in US Dollars


Attn: Bookstores & libraries, this book is distributed to the trade via Small Press Distribution, SKU#: D10C

"Within an absolutely concrete framework, the author of this book gives shape to those intangible things that exist in our daily lives. Following a fantastic tradition of American literature, Steinberg gets into the greatest of mysteries through the most mundane elements of daily life. He makes it possible for a phone call, a synagogue visit, or a thermometer crashing to the floor and the mercury spillage that follows to become allegories for those immense celestial questions. Never before as now… does a text show for me—furthermore, in a simultaneous way—the author's both existence in and absence from this world."
Mario Bellatin, author of Beauty Salon

"Jacob Steinberg has a colossal heart; he uses it for breaking and exploration. His words read me—I am their golem, granted life. These poems are gently wounding, darkly adorable, and tragically perceptive. Before You Kneels My Silence introduces to the reading public a foxy new voice—an adroit and necessary one in this emerging moment."
Lonely Christopher

*Jacob Steinberg was born in Stony Brook, New York, in 1989. Before You Kneels My Silence is his first full length English language book. His other full-length poetry collections written in Spanish include Magulladón (Triana 2012) and Ante ti se arrodilla mi silencio (Kodama Cartonera 2013). As a translator, he has worked with Cecilia Pavón, CA Conrad, and Mario Bellatin, among others. He currently lives in New York.


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