Wallace Barker

Early Retirement

someday it may all work out
and we can stop feeling as though
we are in a hurry to get old

so we can retire or at least
people may expect less of us
or maybe we die but at any rate

we can stop the endless petty
struggle just to provide forĀ 
another day on a planet that

was given to us for free
and then maybe we’ll have
time to talk to one another

my love and you can know me
not as a scared and exhausted
mess driven strangely to strange

ways and I might know you less
anxiety ridden a nervous though
quite lovely always beautiful

and this heart beating inside
leaving contrails across the sky
your laugh and its effect on everything


Not Abt That Life

a human dog was living
underwater as best it could
mammals have returned to the sea before

oh fine said dog even if things are sandy
people travel so far to the beach
why not live there everyday

human dog saw urchins and krill
wondered abt physics could it be
a profession can anyone really

do what they love is there something
abt the physical forces of the universe
that dictate giant whales must eat tiny krill

the oceanfloor was so quiet
good for talks like that

human dog was too fragile for the
abovesea life not abt that life