Welcome to the Cool Tools podcast series. My name is Jeremy and today I will be talking about the social
networking tool known as Jaiku. You can find it at Jaiku.com spelled J A I K U.
       Based out of Helsinki, Finland, Jaiku was founded in February 2006 and was released on the web in
July 2006. It is a new way for people to share short messages through computers or mobile phones and is
a main competitor of Twitter, a similar social networking site. Jaiku is a form of micro-blogging. Micro-
blogging can basically be defined as brief messages of less than 200 characters. Similar to a blog, the
messages can be available to the general public or made private for invited users only. But they differ from
traditional blogs because the Jaiku messages can be communicated using text messaging, instant
messaging, email. They can be made available online or as an mp3 file.   
       After creating your activity stream through the Jaiku website, you are able to create new Jaiku posts,
add icons to and as customize your profile background. You can also set your location and put a Jaiku
badge on your regular blog to let readers know that they can subscribe to your Jaiku posts. The Jaiku
website lets you search for friends and add them as friends. You can also get an overview of their latest
posts and comment on the posts.  
A new feature of Jaiku is called Jaiku Mobile which is compatible with the Nokia S60 phone. You can
download the software for that phone at the Jaiku website and load it directly onto your phone. Jaiku Mobile
can serve as your phone book and lets the user share calendar events with others. Currently Jaiku is a
free service and was recently acquired by Google in October 2007. The drawback to Jaiku is that while
they transition to working under the Google name, they only offer a limited number of beta accounts. You
have to send in a request through the Jaiku website and they will send you an email when an account
opens up with the account activation code. Currently, I have been waiting a couple of days for my account
and am not sure when I will be able to actually use Jaiku.
       According to Wikipedia, the name Jaiku came about because the founders felt that the posts resemble
Japanese haiku’s which if you remember are short 3 line poems with the first and third line having 5
syllables and the second line containing 7.
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