Tausif Noor

Same Thing

   Of course I meant to make you laugh

When I said I felt like swallowing eggs whole

Come back to me           I promise I am more than   
      apologies and misgivings
I no longer mourn for my failures nor do I care about my small triumphs. They are enough!

I will make myself beautiful        I will pick at my   
     splinters and write long winded letters     and  wince at my misdirection



I have not been good but it is not for lack of trying

Please. The places where I bruise have nothing to do with maps, although I told you you could trace them to
               some final destination. Ha. 
     I don't know. I imagined that we could have talked about China and David Hockney and all of the ways in      which my plans disintegrate like such dust.

You've never even seen that shade of blue, have you


poems by Tausif Noor