Sage Indigo

You and Me & Me and You
Are Lost in All the Things We Do

It wants to
Open itself as an eye does a book

Dreams are not examples
But bananas are

And because of the drink…
There are too many words

Buried in the sky
As if it wanted to bury this lung

Underneath a bed of nails
Resting on its laurels

But drones will be drones
Because drones have made their way into love poems

& this is not a trick: there will be ashes
Intoxicating as slammed doors, or wine

Although the ending says the world is already dead,
And its circus tent came crashing down during the Space Age

In the face of the night
As if it hadn’t been there at all

There is only three minutes left of atmosphere
Before wildly all over the place,

You and me & me and you
Are lost in all the things we do

And hearts rule over minds weak enough to be restrained
Depending on the mood


Extracts from a Broken Rolodex

You’re entitled to
Anything and everything
That destroys you

As long as I have a say in how
It all comes crashing down on me
Like rainbows of gasoline

That bleed imaginary
Paintings of dendrites and axons
In the middle of the street

One eye is always swimming
In the back pocket of the color field
Where the sun and I first set

Out of memory,
I dreamed
I was taller than Mark Rothko

When really I was unconscious
Of a time I dreamt myself an elephant
In Salvador: a phantom reality

Sometimes I am frozen
Like a molten of love
Or a matchstick in a book

I’ve become the type of stranger
I had always strayed from
Yet always wanted to know

As in saying yes to yes,
Blue to blue,
Eye to eye

I fawn before words
I cannot vacuum
Or fly away from

And then boredom thinks…
& it stabs at knives and
& it preys on wolves

One must leap into the ocean in order to become
A thing of beauty which
Is an omen for ever