Neila Mezynski


She sat around. Laid. Waiting.  Knew you had to. Could. Not if you laid waiting. It wouldn’t never . Ever  come to wait . Have to go get. It. Go get it. Not would come sit lay. What do she want . Maybe she only want  to sit get red. Ankle. Fat. Dot. Numbers good though she said. Worry stand up sometime sit. More. No one will come. Idea. Air sun breeze not on chair in bed. They don’t like that. Idea. Need move to circulate.  Come with leg to walk idea. He went on boat when stuck and air wind sun unstuck fields. Why not her. She could too. Unstuck. No field just tire chair or two thrown  at good luck. She need it. Out of invention.  Hurry up. Wait. Hurry and wait.  For to. Merciless that clock. Idea can’t be in a rush. Smart take time. Stupid go fast. Haste make refuge needle  in stack and shoot footin stuff. Wore her everyday best. Not in hurry for look good. Idea. Neither. Try hard no hurry. Hurry not important for milestone. Then.


written by Neila Mezynski