Luna Miguel has published 5 books of poetry in Spain and Scrambler Books presents her first book of poetry in English (with Spanish originals) called Bluebird and Other Tattoos in 2012. Order your copy here.

Quince Años

Detesté al nacer.

Odié durante toda mi infancia.

A la edad de quince años,
empecé a hacer el amor.

15 Years

I detested since birth.

I hated throughout my childhood.

At the age of 15,
I began to make love.


El matrimonio es esa boca
que apesta a cariño
y a MDMA.


Marriage is this mouth
that stinks like affection
and MDMA.

Coma Diabético

Tú me diste una boca.

Mi madre me dio este páncreas.

La Ciencia me dio insulina.

Dios no me dio nada salvo miedo
    en un puñado de azúcar.

Diabetic Coma

You gave me a mouth.

My mother gave me this pancreas.

Science gave me insulin.

God did not give me anything except fear
   in a handful of sugar.

All poems were originally written in Spanish by Luna Miguel
All poems were translated by Jeremy Spencer