Isabel Sobral Campos

Four Poems

for Ricardo Reis

The face was fresco
The slanted eyes peered
across dimensions in the other side
my moving arrowing through time

Filaments / gauzed clouds
specked night’s sky
in acquiescence

and I thought

The blood caught up with us
The cells are wielding the surface
The mucus has jellified
and on the blind ice congealed motion

Between holding hands letting go
the stream howled beneath wind
dispossessed rootless tangle
hungering near leaf


for Lara


Blood is fact
mobile truth diluted
in the collective vein
the factual transparency
of indomitable substrate

mirror of truncate density
frayed cervical
embossing the mask-like
attributes of our world-space

“Before being born
people are constructed”
like symbolic premises
across scant lobotomies
tattering the prime rib
of a faltering mammal
or a torqued chorion
twirling through space


For various reasons blood
made her ask the question of
origin like an unsettled lapel
in need of tampering fingers

relayed in slabs
in foraging moods
virgule /spasms
newly acquired vocabulary
shadowed beneath
blind spectacle
the transmitting gesture


for Benjamin

Collated artifact
inducted mime
the message on the knotted seal
relief sculpted into air-beam

fallen rims / sheens
noises / midges

I saw the melons on a drafty doorstep
rise of sunlight over filtered spring

snarled kiss / wild spurt
/ spar

The intentional labyrinth
a cone-like undulation
rending the bottom
where syringas drift
the spruces rest in
alkaline fissures
/ caulk rashes

The melting meshes wrapped
around my skull
agglutinate in terrific patterns


A polymer heart beats inaudible
frail and steep in wavering strokes

like a mountainous crackling

digits / forensic troths / the youthful capillary

or infinite raspberries
drupelets in fog


poems by Isabel Sobral Campos