Sunshine Faggio

The following poems are by Sunshine Faggio an Italian poet and translator. She has a BA and a MA in Translation Studies. She published her first collection of poems in 2009 with the Italian publisher Il Filo and has been awarded various poetry prizes (even a first one, once!). She traveled Europe a little bit and finally landed in London. After floundering and groping in the darkness for a while, she finally convinced herself that London was her place and started to write in English. Her ambition is making people consider poetry as a component of daily life and try to involve the audience with her writing by mixing it with body performance and other arts. She writes a blog, her little refuge from the harshness of life: All poems below were originally written in Italian except for the last titled Never Loved You.

[one_half]Un Altro Attimo Di Te

Voglia di averti dentro.

Profumo dolce. Corpi avvinghiati.

Cielo grigio, terra rossa,

ben chiaro il tuo volto.

I tuoi sorrisi abbozzati, le tue fughe,

la mia impazienza.

Sto scappando da te

quando sei tutto ciò che voglio.

Ma soffoco.

Nodo alla gola il tuo ricordo,

brividi e umori caldi il pensiero di te.

Organi che soffrono.

Il corpo è livido.

Gli occhi umidi.

È sofferenza ciò che mi dai,

bruciore violento.

Eppure solo anelo

un altro attimo di te.


[one_half_last]Another Instant of You

Desire of you inside me.

Sweet scent. Clutched bodies.

Grey sky, reddish earth

clear your face.

Your sketched smiles, your escapes,

my impatience.

I am running away from you

when you are everything I wish.

But I am choking.

The knot in my throat at the recollection of you,

shivers and warms my mood.

I am doing this to protect me, to survive.

My organs hurt. My body, a bruise.

Humid pupils.

It is torture you give me,

brutal burning,

and yet I yearn for

another instant of you.


[one_half]Il Messaggio

Pezzi di donne



e racchiuse,

che urlano tese,


fingono d’essere illese.

Cresciute in castelli

appesi nell’illusione;

donne la cui felicità

risiede incasellata

tra legno e colori.

Cumuli di cotone che ci massacrano.

Ci sarà ritorno

dopo queste armi affilate?


[one_half_last]The Message

Chunks of women



and enclosed,

outstretched screaming,


and pretending to be unscathed.

Grew up in castles

hanging in illusion,

women whose glee

is framed

in colored wood.

Heaps of cotton that we torture.

Will recovery exist

after these sharp weapons?


[one_half]4 Brevie Poesie D’Amore


Regna il silenzio.

Solo il latrare di un cane,

veicoli lontani.

Sole tiepido,

vento lieve che sfiora la pelle.

Sospiro, respiro.

Scappo da me.



Di fronte a te,

non una parola.

Non servono.

Cantiamo le stesse note,

anni luce distanti.

Eppure così vicini.

Sei dentro di me e non lo sai.

Mi penetri e non ti sento.


Maledettamente pensare a te.



Encefalo che schianta.

Ti sento qui, ancora.

Ti voglio vomitare.


Tanto tempo

e capisco di non averti eliminato.

Graffio i ricordi

per annullare le tracce di te.

Nausea il ricordo di noi.


[one_half_last]4 Short Love Poems


Silence reigns.

A dog barking,

distant vehicles.

Tepid sun,

the wind caressing my skin.

I sigh, I breathe.

I run away from me.



In front of you,

not a word.

We do not need them.

Singing the same notes

light years distant.

And yet so close.

You are inside me without knowing it.

You penetrate me and I can’t feel you.


Damned thinking of you.



My brain bursting.

I feel you here, still.

I wanna vomit you.


After an eternal life

I realize I did not expel you.

I scratch my recollections

to extirpate the traces of you.

Nauseous at the memory of us.


Never Loved You

Submerged in this abysmal sea of rotten blood,
I ponder if I am still alive.
I stick my finger tip in the wound.
It is dry now.
The blood seems not to be there anymore,
most of it went out of my body.
I am asphyxiating.
I vomited all the rest of the feast we had together,
I have seen it flowing away with my hope.

I never loved you
and yet I feel as if you cut my limbs.
I never loved you
and yet I feel as if you sucked my blood.
I never loved you
and yet I feel as if you had been rummaging between my organs,
leaving me empty.

It is a pale barren landscape I inhabit now
and light is penetrating,
through my closed eyelids.

All poems written and translated by Sunshine Faggio.