The Scrambler features writers from countries other than the USA. Selected writings from writers written in their native language as well as English translations of those selected pieces will be featured regularly and archived here.

Maite Dono (Spain) poems September 2014

Alejandra Pombo (Spain) poems June 2014

David Meza (Mexico) a poem February 2014

Isadora Falc√£o (Brazil) 3 poems February 2014

Rafael Sperling (Brazil) Fiction March 2013

Bruna Beber (Brazil) 4 poems April 2012

Ana Guadalupe (Brazil) 5 poems March 2012

Virna Teixeira (Brazil) 8 poems February 2012

Sunshine Faggio (Italy) 4 poems January 2012

Luna Miguel (Spain) 3 poems October 2010