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Neila Mezynski/Yellow Fringe Dress

Do you like stories either about people or things or places or music or time. About the passage of time on people or things or places or music but not in that way that you are thinking but rather in the way that Neila writes with words and objexts that emerge perched detached in the space on the screen. Words and objexts disappear as quickly as they emerged and reappear again in different forms. Words that form new sentences staining the screen and rethinking what a sentence can be what a sentence should be. Neila writes as a dancer dances making moves and then quickly resting but all the while leaving the audience entranced and contemplating the last move and the next move at the same time but still surprising with what the next move will be actually. To have done what Neila has done with a yellow fringe dress is a good thing to have written what Neila has written is an even better thing.

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a review by Jeremy Spencer

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