Michael Inscoe (poetry)



We drank tea and warm sake with our meal. I love sake but
We were drifting along the shoreline in my canoe. The fish were biting,
The more trades you make, the more mistakes you’re likely to make.
but I didn’t want to be, “Oh, can you put this so all the trees look natural.
I couldn’t believe what was happening.

We do a piano-banjo duet at the end of the show. It’s one of the parts that’s etched
“Of course, no system is perfect, and we do sometimes make mistakes”
its a gr8 thing to be so good come the

Good morning and welcome to Jerusalem. It’s a pleasure to meet with
you don’t need us to tell you it’s hot
an atmospheric electrostatic discharge
Have you ever seen tall, dark puffy clouds forming on a hot humid afternoon? These are
“From Your Mouth” is a song by the band God Lives Underwater. It was originally
a fun website that operates simply
The discovery that dust particles shatter like broken glass


by Michael Inscoe

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