Lalanii Grant (poetry)


Went to bed and a kite sunk

Went to bed and a kite sunk
dreamt a frisbee on a string, a slinky on a swing
a twinkie twice as sweet, all keepsakes i can’t keep

and i want truffles, down comforters, and you
a blue floppy hat and a small rare bird singing acoustics
an easy button and all of your drawers closed

an all night ovation,
shortlisted on the wait list
and patience, i want a heart full.

went to bed and a kite sunk
you were blue again until you began to break dance
and the portrait in the hallway; it should place horizontally

go through a strainer drop by drip
come out stained, slippery and sippable
truly thoroughly, lips to plums and caving ceramic figures

white wine once upon a flight
a might quite like someone i like
tickling on tiptoes and mountain bikes to wish on.

went to bed and a kite sunk
wanted to ride you off in a hot air balloon
follow you to your room, bloom

sleep in a small cocoon, blow dandelions
under the moon and make up for every birthday in June.
i wanted to bid you hello, but instead i just bid you adieu.


“But how should I court you?”
“Wildflowers” I tell him.
“Wildflowers and caramel dripping from the edges of the nonfiction you read me.

Watch with me, turtledoves floating by
sell me your spiel, point at the ducklings
show me why you laugh on a morning with no color but cerulean

carry me to a lost moon, near a wet drain
explain to me that a ladybug met a bumblebee one day
and they made love in a garden of pink petunias and orange chrysanthemums

and tell me they flitter-sting
and that you will sing me a song
with light like a dim house as it snows

kiss me on the harbor until you run out of words
then ask me to guide you and compare how that works
against knowing everything you don’t

and how that catches a pinch of this rainbow,
plops it into your coffee cup at 6:14 a.m.
and starts this poem over.”


by Lalanii Grant

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