Yet Another Mystery (Part Gamma of 5)


Recently, I had reason to remember in my courtroom of the proverbial world of justice, that there is yet another item, concept, thought, or aspect of people that is alas in short supply these days.

This “mystery” like any other has a number of names, and to a degree, a variety of psychological concepts.

With our little clones of parental units there is the “innocence of childhood,” later on the “naiveness of youth,” or lastly the “cynicism of adulthood.”

What am I referring too?

In today’s world, this mystery, thankfully, is still very much in existence.  Naturally, we would not have the justice system, the executive system, nor would we have the legislative system, and don’t get me started on us not having the people system without this mystery.  Day to day jobs, day to day events, and even day to day catastrophes occur with this mystery included in the DNA mix.

However, like I stated above, there is more and more cutting away, more and more degradation, and definitely more and more attack upon this golden mystery.  A prime example: people, their clones, and automatons are becoming more and more individualized and not willing to interact with their counterparts, their distant counterparts, or even their uber-counterparts in almost 24/7 daily or weekly existence or depth of life.

Once more I hear you asking: what the blazes is he talking about, or writing about as the current case is? He talks of clones, courtrooms, justice, and so forth.  What does this all mean and lead up to.

My fellow readers and listeners and compatriots and clones and workers and human entities: we must bring TRUST back to the forefront, the back-front, the place of high prestige and so forth that this country was placed upon when our forefathers thought: why do we not build our own country and government and way of existence based upon trust, truth, fellowship, and all those other concepts of debate.

Yes, we must bring TRUST back to the front of our very limited and delusional existence.  We must bring TRUST back to be more than childlike innocence, the naiveness of youth, and definitely away from the cynicism and debate of adulthood or later-in-life co-existence with what is around us and this world of beauty, disease, and TRUST.

Lastly: do you TRUST me? Can you TRUST me? Are you willing to put your belief system on hold and TRUST that I know what I am talking about? Will you trust your little clones more strongly if you are parents? Will you find in your cynical heart the means to trust those around you?

Truly, I TRUST that you will as I TRUST you can.

by Peter S. Lust

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