Rant, Peter, Anti-Rant (Part 5 of 4)


What do trust, talk, and question have in common?

Does anything pop into your mind regarding the question above, now or later? Maybe nothing pops into mind; now or later or at this minute or nanosecond?

Has anyone noticed that this is part five of four parts?

Who among you remembers that one of my latest contributions was entitled “Or, what the heck is going on?”

By the way: did someone or has someone brought along tissue boxes and tissue boxes to assist with the reading of this FINAL piece of this five part communiqué?

Once more I ask: what does the concepts “trust” or “talk” or “question” have in common?

Simple: they are all actions of the human psyche, the human experience, the human wherewithal, the human consultation, and the human life that humans live; or not.  Right?

Did you know, and I am quite certain that forty-seven point eighty-two studies bear this out on all levels, including universal and galactic-wide, that even if all you say is hello, you are guilty of talking?

In addition, did you know that even if all you say to another human being, a clone, or an alien, is good-bye, you are expressing trust that said recipient will respond?

Lastly, are you aware that even if all you do is enter a place, a space, the time continuum, or even space and time in some distant galaxy, that you have committed the act of questioning—think about this for a moment, or go back and forth within the known and unknown confines of time.

Wow; who would have thought that life could be boiled down to, or distilled to, or even analyzed down to those three concepts of talk, trust, and question?

Okay, my dear readers, the thought just popped into my little brain, your mental exclamations have made their way through my central processing unit’s galactic switchboard, and I hear your cries of what is he talking about?

Within this issue of The Scrambler you are now glancing at, are three other articles that I have submitted: “Or, what the heck is going on? (Part Aleph and Part Beta of 5),” “Yet another mystery (Part Gamma of 5),” and “Con ver SAY shun (Part Cuatro of 5).”  Naturally, the first two parts in one have to do with the concept “question,” the second has to do with the concept “trust,” and the third has to do with the concept “talk.”  Everyone clear now?


Now, this is the end my friends; we thought we might never reach this point; oh, yes we have reached the end!

Yay! Yay! Yay! Author! Author! Encore! Hallelujah!

Truly, my children, my progeny, my clones, and the rest of you, I release you now to go out into the world, the planet, or even the galaxy or the next plain of existence and share the word that life is made up of questions, talk, and trust; all three, one of three, or none; right?

by Peter S. Lust

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