Or, what the heck is going on? (Part Aleph and Part Beta of 5)


Recently, as I was strolling to my new archives of my own personal plane of existence, I found myself mulling those eternal and thoroughly perplexing questions or puzzles or Pandora boxes of existence or substance or living: we are taught that there is a past, a future, and there of course is the present, which has nothing but nothing to do with those boxes brightly wrapped that appear at least twice in a single person’s life and maybe three times in a married person’s life, and I would ask: is this so?

Continuing on: we are taught that every story, every tale, every evidence of existence, and so forth, has a beginning, a middle, and an end—have you noticed that way wave too much attention is sometimes devoted to the latter—and yet, I would again ask: is this so? Is it humanly possible that something might have an end, then a beginning, and then the proverbial middle of existence or substance? This is just a thought or idea for the masses to consider?!?

In addition, I found myself, as I was internally and also inwardly ruminating upon the aforementioned questions, wondering: who decides? Who decides if there is a start or beginning, a middle or ongoing plane of existence, and eventually or at some pre-determined point in the infinite points of consciousness an end? Of course, who decides who decides or who is in charge?

Suddenly, I am reminded of a certain rogue who wore a bright green costume covered with question marks all over his emerald-green bodysuit, and who had been soundly defeated by his arch-nemesis to the point of whining: too many questions, too many questions!

Okay, dear readers: are you still with me? Are you still willing to go on this journey, this trip (without drugs or mind-control devices), and this expedition into the unknown or the unexplored?

By the way: has anyone figured out or not if I am writing or proposing a rant or an anti-rant? More on this later; I promise and I do keep my promises.

Who remembers what I have been asking or questioning? A show of hands: some of you only? Perhaps only a few others of you do, or those who raise their arm extensions because that is the thing to do?

Here are the questions: do everything and anything and all that is between have a beginning, middle, and an end? Does everything that is created, manipulated, objectified, adored, or even considered in such a document as this have a start, an ongoing purpose, and the eventual end? Is life indeed all about beginnings, middles, or ends?

Along with the questions above, I must also ask: who has read parts Gamma (i.e., Trust) and Cuatro (i.e., Conversation)? If you have not, then please continue reading these two parts, parts Aleph and Beta that is, before reading the other two parts.  Of course, if you have already read the other two parts (i.e., parts Gamma and Cuatro), then please re-read them again after you have finished reading these two parts.

Where are we? Methinks my little brain is protesting my roving around the world or galaxy or plain of questions.

Okay: once more I ask: am I writing a rant or an anti-rant? Does anyone care what I am writing? Can you stay with me for a period of time to contemplate these questions?

Congratulations!!! If you have reached this point without a headache, then you are finished; that is, of course, if you can be finished with anything or everything.

Congratulations!! If you have reached this point with a bit of pain, then you are almost finished, for there is little else to ponder or question.

Congratulations! If you have reached this point and are still happy, then you’re a fellow lover of Peter Jackson’s monumental Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and its multiple endings that left many theatre goers perplexed.

However, if you have reached this point, and are still wondering if I have written a rant or an anti-rant, if I have asked way too many questions, or if I have asked questions that are not worth their weight in atomic energy, then there is still a modicum of delight left to you.

You may now join me in singing The Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah, a thoroughly grand oratorio.  Ciao.

by Peter S. Lust

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