Con ver SAY shun (Part Cuatro of 5)


Back in my day within the confines of real or imagined booths, rooms, or cubicles, people had conversations.  Everywhere a person went, there were always conversations.  People would talk about the weather, talk about the sports game, talk about each other, and on occasion, would broach one of the three restricted topics, namely, religion, politics, and whatever the third restrictive topic was; maybe there were only two topics that could cause problems.

Truly, back in my day, oh maybe four hundred or six hundred and thirty-two years ago, people or clones of people had conversations that covered major AND minor topics of the then known world or universe or even cosmos; you never knew if that person you were talking to was actually a fellow human traveller or someone from some other place or space or dimension, now did you?

Oh, let us NOT forget that people have been known to have con ver SAY shuns that changed the course of mighty rivers of thought, were more powerful than a battering accusation, and even leapt great hurdles of logic and reason.

All right, all right, already; maybe that last paragraph was a bit super-centric; this does not change the HEART of said paragraph all the same.

By the way, a show of hands: how many people or clones of people noticed that I labeled this rant as part four? Three of you; seventy-two plus sixteen; or only a few of you actually noticed?

The reason I did label this rant as such is that you are supposed to ADD this rant to my other rant, the one about TRUST and the need to regain TRUST, restore TRUST, and so forth; who can have TRUST without con ver SAY shun? Huh??

Thus, to summarize, please re-read Peter’s Rants, Part Gamma on TRUST, and then add what you learned to what you are learning from this rant; okay; can you do that?

Back to the rant: once again, a show of hands: how many of you believe that nothing is learned from conversations with others; or by listening in on conversations with others?

Whoa: not very many of you, huh?!?

Wow! How can so few of you believe that the only way to learn something is from a modernized book, an ancient tome, a lecture from a true human being or from a cassette tape or a DVD, or by some other reliable or questionable source?

Are none of you aware that so much can be learned from conversations?

To conclude: I double-comma dare you, no, I triple-question mark dare you to stop whatever you are doing, please do not if you are driving a motorized donkey, a rambling train, or flying a football-shaped contraption, go out and find someone or some person, and have a conversation.

Do NOT let the weather stop you, whether or not a special sports season is in season or off-season, and especially do not let whoever or whomever is in the house-of-power of either your local government or state government or even your national government; above all, do not let whoever or whomever is in charge of your local cosmic government stop you from conversing.

Go. Now! Converse and learn something.  Come on; people are waiting to teach you, to share with you, to converse with you, and especially to TRUST you with what they want to speak with you about.

Okay.  No more.  Go! Please! CONVERSE with someone you know or don’t already.  Ciao.

by Peter S. Lust

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