Meaghan Ford (2 poems)



There are some people who I only speak ridiculous with
In these words we construct lands of clown shoe thimbles.
We are always walking spinning pigeon toed.

I tell you that I have only ever dreamed lucidly
That when the limits of my innovation are reached
I go to a Lego world I made in 5th grade after I read Sing Down the Moon
The streams are made of war paint and I am a goddess
Living in a beautifully broken house with no roof.

I only bring important people there who I no longer talk with when I’m awake
To remind me why we used to know each other at all.

You ask if I could bring Charles Barkley there
And I say no, because I think he’s kind of a jerk.

But all you wish for is a poorly phrased basketball player on your shoulder
His slurred whiskey breath giving you bad advice.
All his solutions involve Krispy Kreme donuts.

I tell you this is also why I wouldn’t bring Charlie Sheen to my dreams, either.
There are enough things destroyed every day without it being in my head.

But you protest every time I pull away from your crumbling hands.


Los Angeles

There is a city they say
Where there are more parking garages than schools

You could make a killing color coding them all
Neons, ocean washes, and polka dots

In the night there is an army of shifting feet
As the people search for their cars
And wishing for more than cement blocks.


poems by Meaghan Ford

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