n. spring, springtime; primrose, Primula
-Portuguese English dictionary

Sheer golden costumes cloak their bronze bodies
they bound, bounce and hold up a fuzzy dragon head.
Clamorous music accompanies our spring festivities.
At mainstream school, for March holiday, we plead
to shovel the yard to plant saplings on the dark earth.
I stopper soiled roots in a soft mattress-like ground.
Shiny leaves spring, opening their green eyes with mirth,
buds yawn their petals of eyelids in a quiet sound.
Purple and red fruits carpet a grocery storefront,
soft and firm pouches. Persimmon is my favorite!
Shelves lining foil-coated chocolate bunnies, a few gaunt.
Rain drabs my hair, some days, but give it some credit,
soon it stops and brings the crown of a harp
topped with a ribbon of prismatic lights, envious cirri carp.

by Ke Huang

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