Everyday for granted item

a Peter anti-rant

Back in my windpipe of the world, this everyday for granted item was indeed an everyday for granted item; what was it?

Yes, alas, this everyday item was taken for granted by young and old, tall and small, wide and lean, clones, mom units, and even dad units.  Even worse: the oldsters and the ancient ones of my windpipe of the world took this everyday item for granted.  Again: to what am I speaking?

Do you take everyday items for granted? Are you allowed to take every day items for granted? Legally maybe, but morally I would hope not.  Why oh why do we insist on taking everyday items for granted.

Are you aware that some people take LOVE for granted? Of course, there are those who would argue that what I have just spoken of is NOT an everyday for granted item.  However, if this is true, then what the heck is love?

Can you believe that some people in our indefinable world take young clones for granted? How about that for taking a true everyday for granted item for granted?

Okay, okay, and alright already!?! Truly, I take back what I just said about young clones.  Though somewhere in our world and our nation there are those who indeed take them for granted, I do not wish to go on record stating that our young clones are indeed everyday for granted items?

Once more I ask: what am I talking about?

Have you guessed by now?


Well, let me tell you about this month’s anti-rant topic to help you figure out what I am NOT ranting about.

For starters, we would not be able to reach the moon or any other planet of existence without this everyday for granted item.  Likewise, we would not be able to communicate through tin cans without this everyday for granted item.  And, here’s the main clue: we simply would not be able to exist on any plane or dimension or realm of existence without this everyday for granted item.

Do you now know what I am referring to? No? Yes?

May I have the envelope please; have always wanted to write that and now I did: the everyday for granted item is AIR.

Wow! Who would have thought I or anyone could write an anti-rant about air, a TRUE everyday for granted item.

Please, please, please remember that we have only so much air and therefore we must ALL take care of this everyday for granted item.

If WE do not, and we truly screw up the air around us, if we truly abuse said air, if we dirty said air so much that you can see said dirt, then you know the consequences.

Now, what are you going to do to stop taking this everyday for granted item for granted? I double-cat and double-hamster dare you to find a creative and lifelong solution.

by Peter S. Lust

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