Issue 45 – February 2011

Tabletop Petroglyphs by Aaron Dailey


Sliced by Ethel Rohan

On the Fire Escape by Letisia Cruz

baby is going to die tonight by Richard Chiem

Rosa by Robert Beaird

Kiddy Rat, or Thumbelina Cartoon by Valery Pertrovskiy

Abbeville? Beaulah? Oxford? Hatley? Maben? New Augusta? Biloxi? by Jack C. Buck

$2900 a Month by C.W. Bigelow

What is Good Writing? by Joel Kopplin


For BG, after the masked ball by Carrie Lorig

what I say when you ask what I’m up tomaybe there’s a god above but– & this will be a good year, i’m promised & letters from robots by Diana Salier

Sky Poems by Nate Pritts

Baby, We’ll Be Fine & The Astrology of Running Into Your Exes by J. Bradley

A Dream of Contrition & Oldies Station Picks Up No Reception at Full Volume & An Old Tale Ends This Way by Lauren Hilger

Cat by Stacey Teague

Sacré-Cœur by Virginie Colline (illustration by Dominique Corbasson)

Primavera by Ke Huang

No Check Today by Dennis Mohagin

This Year Will Be The Year That Counts by Steve Subrizi

“drink from the skull cup” by Marcos Soriano


Stockholm Syndrome 7 photos by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming


Everyday for granted item an anti-rant by Peter S. Lust


Made in Dagenham a movie review by Heather Craig