The Difference Between Musicians and Poets

Once, I gave my book and pen
to a well known musician friend after a show.
Asked him to write down a thought…expecting something profound.

He drew a picture of a penis ejaculating over a woman’s back.

I sat for a moment…pondered, then realised
That in one insignificant scribble,
he had expressed the thought he was feeling at that very moment.

It really was the only thing on his mind at that moment in time.

He then took one of his fans,
and did exactly what he drew,
Thus proving, life to be really that simple to extract, for some people.

A few days later he confirmed to me that she had called him and asked for more of the same.

As I sit now watching birds,
skim catching flies in a blooming spring park,
finding words with which to tell the story, relationship longevity is my only conclusion.

For I must at least understand a woman, before I blow my load over her back.

by Robert Grant

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