Survival?!?: or, Desire to Survive?!?

a Peter anti-rant

Somewhere in my old, antiquated, dusty, but very reliable, loyal, dedicated, and superb bindery of the coveted pages of life, there was THE RECORD.

What was this record? Simple! THE RECORD was a magical, mysterious, and full of surprises record of all that occurred in my chapter of the supreme book of life and then some.  Back in the day this was a papyrus, then a scroll, then a bound volume, then a vinyl record, then a plastic box that contained a magnetic ribbon of information, then a disk, then a magical box that contained radio tubes and information, then an artificial clone, then an artificial life force, and finally something all the more magical and unknown in the present continuum of all that is alive; or not depending on one’s view and status on any plane of existence or consciousness.

Flash forward to the real world; fully realizing that the “world” I just described can be as real as any other real world or plane or continuum of existence or lack thereof.

In the real world, in the present age, in the present or moment of now, we keep information on a variety of media.  Naturally, some of this media is solid, some is quite free of harm or invulnerable, and some is not.

Unless I am mistaken – which we all know is impossible in any realm of reality — the majority form of media is the book: a collection of pages made of paper, with ink-formed words, and sometimes pictures.

Alas, a book by its very nature is fragile, prone to disease, to decay via the weather or neglect, to dissolve, and to break apart someday, even at the molecular level, due to mankind’s inhumanity to books.

Thus, I am here today to tell you that we must do all that is possible and ALL that is impossible to keep the book, the record, the tablet, the cassette, the cd, the DVD, the computerized image, and so much more, safe.

Can we all do this? Are we all together? Will we dedicate our lives, our blood, and our very souls to this end?

No! Fine! Have your way.

If we do nothing to save THE RECORDS, then we will end up a society that has nothing, absolutely nothing, except for human, fragile, and often swayed human memories, to show for ourselves and the future of people kind.

Not to be too melodramatic: the choice is yours and yours alone; mommy or daddy cannot help you, or that beautiful person you saw at the Mall or in class.  Please, oh please, decide; now if you do not mind or even if you do.

by Peter S. Lust

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