Skype Poems

now she’s phoning me on Skype
i’m looking at the pop-up
she looks happy on her avatar
smiling in the kitchen in her old apartment
she lets it ring…

now she hung up

tried to write her an e-mail
don’t know what to write
she just hurt me too many times by canceling dates
i’d be stupid to make new plans with her
but i’d like to
i’m still considering whether i’m done or not with exposing myself to the possibility of getting predictably hurt

good things with her:

i feel good around her
the best sex
she makes me laugh

bad things:
she mostly speaks about her work (potentially a bad thing)
she thinks our history is too complicated to base something on
which indicates she might be too young to base something lasting on with


almost two hours later
ur still on Skype
it makes me feel a bit dizzy knowing communicating with u is a cmd+tab + a ctrl+click away


now she went offline
wave of warm pain from the top region of my chest to the top of my head, mostly in the face
now, two minutes later, almost back to normal
still tingles on the surface of my head 5 centimeters above my ears
pain is dissolving, slowly moving closer to forehead

i should write her tomorrow or wait one more day
to let her wonder why i didn’t get back to her
normally, this works in my favor

by Nils Norelius

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