from the hospital


i was born
in my dress above the clay and trees

a man wearing a dress
who is scared and alone
with his head in his hands

and he’s crying because nobody
his name.


two weeks
six walls
six lights
six pills in the morning
six pills at night

when I close my eyes
I see math
I see the patterns
I see math

six walls
six walls
six walls
six walls
six walls
six walls


I have no thoughts
80mg prozac 150mg welbutrin
2.5mg klonapin 100mg seraquill
300mg trazadone 10mg ambien

I tried
I’m dizzy
I’m trapped in a room
six walls
six lights
six windows
I do not eat.

I breathe sometimes.


i’m at the center
of the universe
I am placid
it’s dark and
I do not understand
but I am not scarred

I shrink
the big
beautiful vacuum
comforts me like wool
like wool

by Austin Cunningham

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