Canadians Call Hoodies “Bunny Hugs”

“Hoodies are not an appropriate article of clothing to celebrate.”

A proven maniac device, causes havoc. I used to be good.
It steals items for itself. What does a hoodie want? Cigarettes, candy, juvenile weapons.
The front pockets sag like I carry stolen babies.

Hood up, I hide in a cave system, nobody able to extradite me.
The bats inside are not the only ones to echolocate: the cave projects
like an amphitheater when I yell. I am a clapper, produce the ringing
in this soft bell.

My hood ate something sour and puckers
around my face when I tug the laces. A mask that barely
hints my face, a drape to hide rain along with my identity.
Better than a disguise, I’m featureless.

Reveals I am up to no good.

by Valerie Loveland

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