Issue 44 – January 2011

Tierra Madre 7X by Aaron Dailey


January 1983 by Kate Kort (an excerpt from the manuscript Glass Museum)


Women in Peril & Canadians Call Hoodies “Bunny Hugs” & I Haven’t Worn Pants Since 2001 & A Newcomer to Action, Massachusetts by Valerie Loveland

Brisk October Poem & Backyard Poem by Andrew James Weatherhead

5 Postcard Poems by Jennifer H. Fortin (an excerpt from Mined Muzzled Velocity)

2 poems by Steve Roggenbuck

Celestina by David Fishkind

i, me & sinks like lead & from the hospital by Austin Cunningham

Raw Space by Anne Babson

Lurebait by A.T. Grant

untitled by Michael Inscoe

Skype Poems by Nils Norelius

Le Papillon Jaune by Amit Parmessur

Things I do and things I want by Chris Moran

3 by Ian Sanquist

Penance by Dennis O’Connell

The Difference Between Musicians and Poets by Robert Grant


Conviction a movie review by Heather Craig

The King’s Speech a movie review by Heather Craig


31-Dec a drawing by Aditi Laddha


Survival?!?: or, Desire to Survive?!? an anti-rant by Peter S. Lust