Today is the Sweetheart Day

Gratefully we rest in the arms of the beloved

We are all so bored
We all need such dental work

We all like fights but we never have them

Gratefully we struggle further
Into the sweat-wet chest of the beloved
Whose name we have texted so many times we could gleefully kill ourselves

We are the one somnambulist
When we walk in the night he asks us Are You
Awake and if we say no sense then we have already galvanized

The pills help, but not a lot
The sex helps, but not a lot

We are lying
We are not around anymore

We should be taken away from everyone

The girl next to our body smells

like rose water  Lick

her shoulder blade  She might taste

like Turkish delight

It is possible she is the beloved

Yes, in this nation

of romancelessness we are singular

because only we can ever feel this way

Awaken, sense
the buzzing horror of hopelessness, that series of wires
in the long muscles

then feel the gradual current
barrel so much further

The end of the decay, then its spirited restart

Gratefully we rest in the ropes of the beloved

Gratefully we rope the arms of the beloved

Gratefully we rest

Gratefully we, the beloved

by Niina Pollari

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