Then and Now: TIME

a Peter rant

Back in my day, there was TIME to enjoy a tall, cool, creamy, frothy, and mouth-watering glass of milk.  Or, there was TIME to contemplate taking an adventure, a trip, a venture outside of the realm of one’s dreary existence, and to actually do so or dream about doing so.

Back in my day, there was TIME to contemplate the sky, it’s colors of blue, red, yellow, or pink depending on the sun’s position and place in said sky, to gaze upon the clouds, or just imagine yourself flying through said sky within or without an airplane; my preference would be to be able to fly like a certain Kryptonian who shall not be named for fear of copyright infringement.

Likewise, back in my day, there was truly TIME to contemplate the world, the nations, the planets, the states, the countries, the country, the cities, the towns, and yes, the people in such places, along with their goods, their baggage, their problems, and their pets.

Now, what about today? Is there TIME to contemplate a glass of semi-cold, frothy, and possibly delicious milk? Is there TIME to contemplate or consider an adventure? Is there TIME to dream? Is there TIME to look at the nearly polluted sky and see the sun attempt to shine through? Is there any TIME whatsoever to examine the sorry state of the world, the planets (how many do we have now), the mega-cities and the uber-towns, or the people?

What do you think? What do you care? Why?

In my not so humble opinion, I fully believe that today, in the twenty-first century, in this fast-paced world, in this particular portion of the time-space-relativity continuum, that there is still very much TIME to do all the above.  Alas, to do so might cost you a spouse, a job, a move forward, or advancement.  How’s that for thinking?

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by Peter S. Lust

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