Gingerbread Man Meets the Wizard

Running for his life, the gingerbread man
narrowly escaped. Taunting those evil
human creatures who would eat him alive.

Finding a pair of red shoes beside the
yellow brick road, he put them on. If he
held his mouth just right they seemed
to fit.

Following the road, he came to an
Imperial Castle. A huge iron gate
barred the way. He rang the bell and
told in the voice that he was the
pizza delivery man.

The Wizard was angry at being
deceived, but the gingerbread man
schmoozed the anger away. He
asked if he could have one wish.
“You want to be a real boy,” the
wizard asked. “Oh heavens no;
I want you to put a curse on human
kind.” “What,” asked the Wizard.
“Make them all allergic to ginger.”

by Mike Berger

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