Essential Tremor

What was I thinking about? Being alone, a barbarian in the woods, building a spaceship. That’s it. One of those spaceships. Neglect on all levels led to this life. I too am waiting to blow up. When I was a barbarian, I traveled on a comet to meet earth. Here I found a proto-human, Lucy, her name. We fell in love. We ate small creatures and danced and made love, the important things, but I would live forever, she would move on, same old story, different girl, proto-girl, I fight her off, she waits for me to come home. It was all very innocent, but my comet would come again and I would surface from the sea on another planet. I will always remember my Lucy. The night makes aware the limits of our spectrum, I was once a creature that lived between these fields of light. I lived between the particles and the waves. I was a noble creature emitting and receding, painting a lovely color on my self in the dreams I have, colors I would never see for the really’s. I longed for adventure, emotion. One life after the other has left me wept and uncured. Portice alongside ranging wrangling sand in glass drives with a good friend to the landing site where meetings are ready to happen, I cannot wait! It is almost there, Im almost home. Fantastic wonderful. Nothing can describe this, Im leasing this body. Imagine a molten string, wrapping itself around demons, strangling them, and realizing your angels are in there too, then you have to save them. I grabbed these angels, I fell down. Nothing was there. It was all in my head, me and the light, the particle curtains waiting to rise. How often it used to be this way, I cant remember, but something was raining, and the night made it worse. The night sky pulled me in. I was at one time at one with it all. Asphalt, erasable chemtrails, shadow people, lamps, panting heavy machinery. She moved on, my Lucy. I don’t blame her, it’s just some words I heard, too hard to clean them up for you, reader, enjoy.

by Shyner Nybok

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