Drinking Balsam With The Former Prime Minister Of Latvia

At your country house you offered me Balsam
from a large earthen jug, and after it was empty
you sat down to relieve yourself.

To pass the time, you told me at last week’s
Think Tank you talked to Dick Cheney who
suddenly climbed out of your pocket and
grew to an enormous size.

He continued to grow, and the rotundity
of his buttocks began to suffocate everyone
in the room.

I refused to be asphyxiated by Dick Cheney’s ass,
so I popped him, and he flew wildly around the room.
His eyeballs were deflated too.
He was sucking on them, gently.

The Former Prime Minister of Latvia laughed
hysterically and asked why he broke out that trick so
early in the evening?

Dick replied that
desperate times
call for
desperate measures.

by Cassandra Troyan

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