Blood Salt Tang

Show me your ugly, your soft, your rotting,
your tender deep tomato brain
that I hear perches like a peacock
atop your skull.
Show me your feet and the little buds
that nestle their round asses between your toes.
Show me your arms and the loose cigarettes
that roll from your palm to elbow.
Show me your brass skeleton.
Show me your scramble of veiny wires.
Show me the sheep-head of your penis
and maybe let me milk it.
Let’s go out into the country
where brown and green mean the same thing.
Let’s touch our many colors
under a bald sky,
flavorless moon,
and the peeking bland air.
Let’s get to the point of things,
the beginning of things.
Let’s wipe our heart pumps clean and dry,
and leave our chests open,
blazing bursts of light and sweat and blood salt tang.

by April Michelle Bratten

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