Issue 42 – October 2010

Unwarranted Privacy (2010) by Aaron Dailey


15 Years & Diabetic Coma & Monogamy by Luna Miguel

Drinking Balsam With The Former Prime Minister Of Latvia & I Am A Glacier by Cassandra Troyan

Blood Salt Tang by April Michelle Bratten

Waiting for Minor Musical Importance & Controls #13 & Today is the Sweetheart Day by Niina Pollari

Notes for a Poem that Will Never Be Written by Howie Good

Upcountry by Eric David Lough

Apologies & Owen Brown is “In a Relationship” with Jess Clark by S. J. Bridgins

Bitch & Conversation with a Deaf Man by Nicola Scholes

Rodeo Dream by Ben Kyler

Circles & Sad Eyes by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Broken Mold by Nicholas Ravnikar

Sleep by Duane Jackson

Candy by John Grochalski

Gingerbread Man Meets the Wizard by Mike Berger


Essential Tremor by Shyner Nybok

Leave It by Christine Fadden

Fatties by Ryder Collins

Death by Fiction by Lorraine Sears


Toomie and Flutter by Jenny Brown


4 photos by Aaron Dailey


Work with Smile by Tanmay Singh



Modern Family (Season 1) a DVD review by Heather Craig


Then and Now: TIME a rant by Peter S. Lust


Playlist #26 compiled by Melanie Uyeda