What cost?!?!?

a Peter rant

Back in my day, moms, dads, and the little clones of moms and dads bought what they could afford with the little or the very little that they had, collectively or singularly.

Going to the movies, buying a nice amount of meat from the town butcher, or a new shirt for Dad to wear at church all had to be thought out, planned out, and maybe sacrificed for depending on the financial status or condition of the family unit, whether extended or par for the course.

Nowadays, especially based on what just happened to me this morning, I wonder if anyone, especially the young adult clones of moms and dads do ANY thinking, planning, getting more input, or otherwise before they buy something.

Case in point: I purchased 20 ounces of sandwich consisting of bread, cheeses, meats, lettuce, and tomatoes for seven dollars, including tax.  As I approached the money taking station, I noticed a smaller, but almost similar item that appeared to be the same price.

Whoa.  Said item was the same price, but only half as much in weight (i.e., nine ounces)! This item was a sandwich that also consisted of bread, cheeses, meats, lettuce, and tomato.  However, this sandwich had the name that is quite popular in Italian sandwich places, and thus has an elevated status richly or not deserved.

Upon asking the young person at the money taking station, I learned that the smaller item was quite popular, and yes the young adult clones were indeed willing to pay the high price for an item that was half of the item I was buying.  Wow! What a surprise! What can they be thinking? Are they thinking or simply buying a product because of the name or appeal of a certain item?

To be fair: yes, I am basing this rant primarily on one undifferentiated example that may or may not deserve such scrutiny.  And yet: I cannot still wonder how much thinking today’s young clones of their moms and dads do BEFORE purchasing an item, whether something for the living abode or for consumption to power the body in pursuit of education or that very exclusive and sporty activity.

My desire: please, please, consider what you are buying, how much you are paying, what you are getting for what you are buying, and basically, follow what your parent’s parent’s parents did back in the day.  Truly, just a thought or two on my part; or a rant or three; or maybe not anything to be analyzed for cost or consideration by anyone in their right or wrong minds.

by Peter S. Lust

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