Issue 41 – August 2010

cover photo: Subtext by Aaron Dailey


Kernels by Mike Duncan

The Missing Year by Garrett Socol

Getting the CAT Scan by Jim Meirose


we give ourselves too much credit & bp by Cody Troyan

Misanthrope by Mike Berger

Equinox by John Sibley Williams

Poems at Trial by Bruce J. Berger


3 paintings by K. Oxier

River-side Trees by Archit Singh


Small Change (6 photos) by Aaron Dailey


Inception – a Film review by Heather Craig

Spamalot – Theater review by Heather Craig

Slowly I Turn in My Ergonomic Desk Chair: The Antiracism Trainings – a Book Review by Peter Mladinic


What Cost?!?!? – a rant by Peter S. Lust

Future <= Past >= Moment = Question – an anti-rant by Peter S. Lust