Mystery Words

a Peter rant

Back in my day two words, okay three if you indeed call the first word a contraction, the combination of two words into one, were quite special and carried much weight with regard to human relations.

Who can forget that cute picture of the little boy or little girl who has spilled the milk or the syrup and is caught by mom or dad and says “___.” Or, who can ignore the situation where a spouse is caught doing something the spouse has promised never to do again and ends up saying those two words “___.” No doubt, if they could talk, there are many an animal, pets actually, which would state those two special words if they had vocal chords and were caught doing something wrong.

By now, I hope you have guessed that the two words I am referring to are: I’m sorry.  Yes, two, okay already, three, very powerful words in the human dictionary.  And, of course, what powerful images, thoughts, memories, pictures, songs, and so forth those have or will continue to be generated by these two words.

Alas, I welcome you to the twenty-first century: here, I do not believe that these two words have much meaning or significance today.

Instead, those two words, “I’m sorry,” have been replaced or superseded by these other words: “We apologize for the inconvenience,” or the words “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Does the picture of a child saying to Mom “sorry for the inconvenience” still convey the power and emotion that the words “I’m sorry” conveys? I don’t think so!

Bottom line or the moral: back in my day, when someone said “I’m sorry,” this was accepted as sincere and true.  Today, when someone or some sign states “Sorry for the possible inconvenience,” I do not believe this carries the same weight or power.  However, I could be wrong, and “I’m sorry for the possible inconvenience.”

by Peter S. Lust

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